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More than great looks, Castleton’s clean, minimalistic design makes it attractive and productive. This design is followed through on all of the Castleton and Superior product lines making these trailers exceptional, long lasting, and ready for work.


The Castleton and Superior line of trailers are built for production.  They are made from high strength steel and North American components.  These trailers not only minimize downtime but also give you maximum payloads.


In conjunction with modern technology, efficient manufacturing processes and stringent quality control practices, Castleton is proud to be the first member in SSAB`s My Inner Strenx program.  High quality structural steel from Sweden made to top industry standards allows Castleton to make a longer lasting, higher Strenx trailer.


We are growing our family and now featured at:

Dew Fab Welding

Serving Alberta

Dew Fab Welding Inc
Address: 115a 2nd St E
Dewberry, AB T0B 1G0

Phone: 1-780-847-0000

Greatwest Kenworth Ltd.

Serving Calgary, Lethbridge and Red Deer

At GreatWest Kenworth LTD. We service trucks all over Alberta. Whether they are long haul, construction or oil field we are the leader in the Alberta/Northwest heavy trucking industry for over 40 years.

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Castleton Bulkers can be found across Canada and the USA meeting agriculture`s ever changing needs.  Built with your specific needs in mind to fill the place you want it to fill.


From gravel roads to mining locations the Castleton belly dump trailer has been pulling more than its share of the work load in every environment.  GET YOUR STRENX ON.

Superior Trailers

Built for the demands of North American logging, you can find Superior loggers across the continent.  We use STRENX material to achieve a stronger, lighter trailer for bigger payloads.  Stop in and see the Superior difference.


Here at Castleton, our customers come first.  Take a look at some of our custom design projects.

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